My playlists

How many of you – when younger – have enjoyed making mixed tapes? I am among those who have made tapes. And many. Carried away by a friend, in 2004 I made my first “official” compilation, one of those with great attention to detail, from the cover to the tracklist.

A few important notes: (1) the order of the tracks is not random, so I suggest not setting the mode to random (thank you Adele), and (2) Spotify adds tracks to the queue if the playlists do not reach 15 tracks, and mine, by choice, reach about 10.

Making a playlist is a delicate art. 
It’s like writing a love letter but better in a way. 
You get to say what you want to say without actually saying it. 
You get to use someone else’s poetry to express how you feel. 
And then there are the rules.

High Fidelity, Nick Hornby

#23, Apr 2021

Born out of mixed feelings, it is as nostalgic as it is soft, like this spring that will soon see us slowly shake off the burden of these last thirteen months. (Photo by memorieson35mm on Unsplash)

#22, Jan 2021

A summary of the songs that we listened to in 2020 with Giacomo in our arms, sometimes dancing together, other times when we put him to sleep, forgetting for a moment why we were confined at home. (Photo by cestsibon on Unsplash)

#18, Sep 2009

In the summer of 2009 I made the MusiCenando evenings in which I brought live music to some clubs in the province, with related exhibitions of photography, literary interventions or other forms of art. This is the playlist I put on before the concerts started.

#1, Aug 2004

The first playlist, this doesn’t need too many explanations. It may be that it was the first, it may be that I connect this to a period (work in discography) which I missed much over the years, but after many years it is still one of my favorites.