Transformation at speed

Manager @ Iconsulting helping companies enabling modern marketing through data and technology, former Digital Innovation & Technology Manager @ Benetton Group, started working as a Community Manager @ Sugar Music, civic hacker and tennis as a hobby.

I started playing with MarTech (what does it mean?) before it became a buzzword and I make extensive use of it both at work and in the projects I follow in my free time, mostly of a social nature. In my blog I will propose ideas and tools that will allow you to adopt it in different contexts, accelerating the digital transformation of the company you work in or building social innovation projects for the community where you live.

* This is why Transformation at speed, an R/GA payoff that lends itself well to the purpose of this site.

Where to start?

Below a few links to blog posts that may be of your interest as well as other ideas to explore topics to which I have not yet had the opportunity to dedicate the right space (follow me on Twitter to avoid visiting this website for updates).

A few posts from my blog

Like Twitter but it’s not Twitter

  • (Jan 2021) I am reading Customer Data Platforms but I have recently finished Uncanny Valley, which I suggest to anyone who has been to Silicon Valley and / or is fascinated by that world.
  • (Jan 2021) longtime friends remember me as “the playlists guy”. I’m back with a new playlist after 10 years, so I took the change to create a section where to collect them.
  • (Dec 2020) we launched the new, which deserves to be seen.

MarTech (which stands for Marketing Technology), is a term that distinguishes a set of technologies – not just marketing! – that allow you to prototype new solutions with low costs, low design risks and most of the time with no-code implementations. Thus, they are accessible even to those unfamiliar with a programming language.

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