Daniele Sghedoni, known to most as “sghedo“. Born in 1981, from Reggio Emilia. With almost 20 years of experience in the digital field, I entered the professional world developing digital strategies for the promotion of important international artists alongside record labels such as Sugar Music, Sony-BMG and Universal Music.

Now working at Benetton Group, I direct the technological roadmap and coordinate the Project Management, Digital Intelligence, Customer Care and UX teams, actively participating in the digital transformation process undertaken by one of the world’s best-known fashion companies.

During my free time I play tennis and, as a volunteer and together with a group of friends, I have made Catomes Tòt the most famous gathering place in the social and cultural landscape of Reggio Emilia (an adventure that, like all beautiful things…). How things would have turned out if I had decided to be a full-time startupper I don’t know, but WpHelp (startup selected by UpIdea! in 2017) and MyMu were ideas that deserved more dedication. The same goes for Vicinoesicuro, a non-profit project created to counter the crisis that has spread throughout most of Europe.

What the heck is this site? I don’t promise any consistency, but for quite some time I’ve been telling myself that I’d like to share some of the things that my work allows me to think, experiment and make mistakes, giving back to the community of Internet users part of what it has given me over the years. We will mainly talk about MarTech (how to choose new technology, how to calculate its ROI, how to promote its adoption, etc.) and how it can accelerate the transformation of a company or a community. With a few off topics, from time to time.